IWC Programme

IWC Programme
Personalised support and coaching coaching to ensure you align your weight with your Ideal Weight and learn the nine Lean Life Skills to stay slim within.
You're supported with daily check-ins and are able to draw on our extensive experience in helping people attain their weight alignment goals.
Includes 4 x homeopathics designed to support your weight loss journey. (Save $50 each if you purchase two programmes.)
NZ$ 650.00 including GST
NZ$ 565.22 excluding GST
Price for 2+:
NZ$ 550.00 per item
Spray or Pillules (for SLIM only):
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After a preliminary coaching session, you'll online support via WhatsApp, Zoom and podcasts while you're on the programme and as you work towards reaching and remaining at your Ideal Weight.

In the nearly 15 years we've been working with our face-to-face coaching clients, we've discovered the difference between people who lose weight and keep it off, and those who continue yoyo dieting. We've analysed the changes they made to lose weight and keep it off, and created a model that anyone can follow to achieve the same results.

We created our Ideal Weight Coaching Maxtrix© of nine behaviours - and you'll only have to choose three of those to incorporate into your life to lose weight and stay slim for good.

Your ongoing success isn't about deprivation, ongoing dieting and restriction - it's about incorporating those three behaviours (that we'll guide you to achieve) into your life, to help you achieve and maintain your Ideal Weight.

Our unique, simple and fully supported Ideal Weight Coaching Matrix includes a 10-day VLCD weight loss detox (4 x unique homeopathics), fully supported with 28-days of specialised weight loss coaching support to help you stay on track.

Completing the programme and integrating the necessary behavioural shifts, will place you within the top 5% of people who lose weight and keep it off for life. That's our promise.

Select either 15ml, 30ml or 60ml products to enable you to complete a 10-day, 26-day or 40-day homeopathic detox.

CHOOSE one of the three diet support formulas (RESIST, RELAX or RESOLVE) from the drop down menu, that best meets your unique challenges when changing eating behaviours. (NB* If you are unsure, choose RESIST.)

RESIST is homeopathically formulated to help you resist cravings for foods triggered due to physical or emotional responses. A great option for ongoing weight management as you realign your body to your new ideals.

RELAX is homeopathically formulated to help with any underlying anxiety present in your life that causes you to eat untypically, and it also helps when the thought of changing how and what you eat causes you to overeat or make choices not in alignment with what you want to eat to nourish your body.

RESOLVE is homeopathically formulated to work to resolve both hidden or known emotional responses to food, situations or people, that cause you to overeat (or even under eat).

Homeopathic Products supplied as part of the coaching programme:

10-Day SLIM:

  • SLIM (15ml)
  • Balance (15ml)
  • Support (15ml)
  • DSF (15ml)

26-Day SLIM:

  • SLIM (30ml)
  • Balance (15ml)
  • Support (30ml)
  • DSF (30ml)

40-Day SLIM:

  • SLIM (60ml)
  • Balance (15ml)
  • Support (60ml)
  • DSF (60ml)

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