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A Bio Body client shares her before/after pics

Shafa - Superstar - 24kg lighter

Congratulations to Shafa, one of our Bio Body clients who looks absolutely amazing, transformed by being 24ks lighter through using our Bio Body Platinum 26-day program during several rounds.

I think you'd agree that she looks fabulous - almost unrecognisable! She is now at a weight she hasn't been at for 10 years.

Thanks Shafa for sharing your weight loss before and after photograph with us. We always value feedback from our clients and it's great to see how much you've achieved through completing the program.


Lose up to 9kgs on our 26-day weight loss detox 

  • Lose between 6-15kgs on the Bio Body homeopathic HCG weight loss program
  • Flexible programs - you chose a 13, 26 or 40-day homeopathic HCG program to suit your lifestyle and calendar.
  • Know what you're putting in your body. Bio Body is a trusted NZ homeopathic formulator with more than 15-years helping Kiwis to lose weight and keep it off. Join us Today!

Weight Loss success - 24kg lighter

Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin - control appetite and curb cravings

Bio Body Weight Loss Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin is a unique Bio Body homeopathic innovation to help individuals maintain the weight they are most comfortable with, plus encourage them towards being leaner and healthier.

Carb Craver +Plus Leptin contains 13 homeopathics, minerals, amino acids and adaptogenic ingredients, used in Ayurvedic & complementary medicine, to manage appetite, ease cravings and balance how the body stores fat.

It increases leptin sensitivity so the body doesn't store fat. Ideal for use after dieting or when you know you'll be over indulging and don't want your eating to be reflected on the bathroom scales. 

Leptin is a protein hormone that instructs the body how to store fat. When it is not present in the body in sufficient amounts, its role alongside insulin and amylin is disrupted, making it more likely that the body will store fat and experience cravings.

The physiological effect of low Leptin levels is why many dieters report feeling ravenous, experiencing cravings, getting caught up in yoyo dieting and ultimately ending up fatter than they were before.

This makes Bio Body's Carb Craver PLUS+ Leptin ideal for use after dieting or during times of over indulgence.

Health & Wellbeing

Bio Body Homeopathics has been providing quality homeopathics for our clients for nearly 15 years. At the request of those clients, we have formulated a Corovirus Twin-Pack to stimulate immunity as well as prevent early signs of respiratory illness. We value your business during this time of uncertainty, and will continue to support you in being your best, healthy you. Please contact us if you require any additional support.

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Bio Body Homeopathics has been working with people just like you who want a long-term solution to weight loss. We've got lots of experience behind us and have helped 10s of thousands of people align with their health and wellbeing weight loss goals. We formulate our own HCG right here in New Zealand so can attest to its quality, authenticity and effectiveness.

Please get in touch if you've got any questions. We look forward to working with you.


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Supplementation for increased weight loss

Get out your favourite denims...

Time to drag out of your wardrobe those favourite pair of jeans and get ready for a new slimmer you.

* 13-Day Bio Body Program - lose up to 6kgs

* 26-Day Bio Body Program - lose about 9kgs

* 40-day Bio Body Program - lose up to 15kgs.

Try our 13-day Fast Track,  26-day original, or 40-day extended programs, giving your body a much needed detox while flicking 'on' your thin switch while you eat yourself thin.

Your program options:

13-Day Fast Track is ideal for you if:

You want to be about 6kg lighter and leaner
 You are busy socially and want quick results in a narrow timeframe
 You've a special event and want to have lost the weight "yesterday"
 Your favourite item of clothing feels too tight
 Your Ideal Weight is a few kgs "shy" of what the scales say

26-Day Original is ideal for you if:

 You want to be about 9-12kg lighter and leaner
 You'll stick with a longer program if you get good weight loss results
♡ You might have more weight to lose but want to start somewhere
Your favourite clothing is hidden at the back of your wardrobe
You know that NOW is the time to do something that works

Why being leaner is so good for you:

Higher body fat percentages are associated with a raft of negative health conditions, and even a simple reduction in body weight by 10% has signfiicant positive flow on effects for your health and wellbeing.

Bio Body works with you to help and support you achieve your Weight Loss and health and wellness goals using our world class New Zealand formulated homeopathic products that have been used successfully by New Zealanders since 2009.  In that time, Bio Body's reputation for helping our clients reach and remain at their Ideal Weight has grown. We now supply many homeopathic practitioners, health professionals and nutritionists nationally, and a growing number internationally.

No weight loss programs offer a quick fix, but at Bio Body Weight Loss we offer a selection of homeopathic products that support you while you align your weight within a healthy range for your age and personal profile. That makes tailoring an approach that fits your own needs, calendar and lifestyle much easier.  Bio Body offers different programs and weight loss formulations, a full range of support products, PLUS comprehensive customer support. We do the hard work so it makes your weight loss journey easier.

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