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Bio Body HCG Diet Weight Loss products are New Zealand made homeopathics for fast and effective, VLCD weight loss. Four different HCG formulas available - because with weight loss 'one size doesn't fit all' - so you can choose the formula that best fits your personal weight loss profile.


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  • We've taken our Bio Body Weight Loss programs, fine tuned them and made them even better. New information (*3-star), the option to add program support (*4-star), or experience the ultimate solution to permanent weight loss by taking part in the Ideal Weight Coaching Matrix (*5-star) - where we guarantee your long term weight loss success.
  • 13-Day Fast Track is ideal for you if: You want to be about 6kg lighter and leaner; You are busy socially and want quick results in a narrow timeframe; You have a special event you'd like to lose weight for "yesterday"; Your favourite item of clothing feels too tight; Your Ideal Weight is a few kgs lighter than what the scales are currently telling you.
  • 26-Day Original is ideal for you if: You want to be about 9-12kg lighter and leaner; You'll stick with a longer program if you get good weight loss results; You might have more weight to lose but want to start somewhere; Your favourite clothing is hidden at the back of your wardrobe; You know that NOW is the time to do something that works.
  • 40-Day Extended Bio Body Weight Loss program - single formula options - choose from 3 different formulations. Full email and online support.
  • Homeopathic medicines for general use, with all diets or calorie modified eating programs. 10 different formulas to suit individual's needs and support you to make your weight loss efforts a success.
  • Great discounts on Bio Body Weight Loss products.
  • Recipe books (e-book format) and supplemental food supplies.
  • Helpful products to support your Bio Body Weight Loss journey.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for those on the Bio Body Weight Loss programs.
  • Additional homeopathics used by practitioners working with their clients and utilising the Bio Body Weight Loss range.