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Bio Body HCG Diet Weight Loss products are New Zealand made homeopathics for fast and effective, VLCD weight loss. Four different HCG formulas available - because with weight loss 'one size doesn't fit all' - so you can choose the formula that best fits your personal weight loss profile.


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Recipe books (e-book format) and supplemental food supplies.
  • Liquid Stevia (59ml) - Four Flavours
    Liquid flavoured Stevia is a zero calories sweet companion for your Bio Body HCG Weight Loss journey. Great for use in cooking to create combined sweet and sour flavours, or to add to sparkling mineral water for a refreshing and cool pick me-up.
    NZ$ 32.78
    NZ$ 28.50 excl GST
  • Wholesome Organic Stevia sachets (75)
    Organic Stevia is a multi-purpose sweetener. It is sweeter than sugar and perfect for those managing on the Bio Body HCG weight loss program. Great in hot or cold beverages. 1 sachet = 2 tsp of sugar. Great to take with you to work.
    NZ$ 25.88
    NZ$ 22.50 excl GST
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  • Bio Body HCG Weight Loss Phase Cookbook
    Prepared by our very own experienced foodie and cafe owner Marie McAulay who lost 16kgs using Bio Body Alignment homeopathic products. (E-book format - file link download.)
    NZ$ 17.19
    NZ$ 14.95 excl GST
  • Bio Body Consolidation Phase Cookbook
    You've asked for it. Now here it is! Marie Mcauley hits the kitchen again with her delicious slant on how to eat during consolidation - the three weeks of eating immediately after you've finished on the Bio Body Alignment program. (E-book format - file link download.)
    NZ$ 17.19
    NZ$ 14.95 excl GST