Which Bio Body Weight Loss formulation?

To select the right product formulation for your individual success, use the chart below. Bio Body Weight Loss products are formulated in New Zealand and include innovative weight loss products, including New Zealand formulated HCG drops, HCG pilules and HCG spray. Bio Body Weight Loss has been working with our unique homeopathic formulations and HCG in its application for weight loss since 2009. We offer full support and guarantee the quality and efficacy of our products. 

Use the 'Which Weight Loss formulation is best for me?' chart outlined below to guide you to the formulation which will best support you in your weight loss journey. If in doubt, please contact Bio Body Weight Loss via the inquiry form below, providing us with more information about your personal profile, and we will get back to you quickly to answer your query.

Which Weight Loss formulation is best for me?

Bio Body Protocol - All under 40s

Our Bio Body Weight Loss Protocol (3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 60) - available in spray - is our base formulation used as the basis of our other formulations, plus includes Quantum homeopathic rates to increase its effectiveness for weight loss and associated body detoxification.
(Choose this as your starting point if unsure what to try. It will still deliver better results that other generic brands.)

Bio Body ProPLUS+ - All Ages with Slow Metabolisms 

Our Bio Body Weight Loss  Protocol Plus+ formulation is our Protocol formulation, plus additional Quantum rates; plus two additional homeopathic support products to increase metabolism and support balanced thryoid function.

(The best choice if you are inactive and under 40, or have a slow metabolism or compromised thyroid function.)

Bio Body Premium - Over 40s, emotional eaters, long-term dieters

Our Bio Body Weight Loss Premium HCG contains our Protocol base formula; Quantum rates, homeopathic metabolic and thyroid support; gold essence, plus our Progenalus 3 homeopathic blend - flower essences to support the resolution of emotional eating.

(The best choice for over 40s because, with age, there is a greater chance that weight gain is being created through hormonal imbalances.)

Bio Body Platinum - want to exercise, broadest homeopathic potencies

Our Bio Body Weight Loss Platinum is our latest innovation in HCG boasting 3x-300x inclusive potencies of HCG - the broadest range of HCG potencies anywhere in the world. The broader range of potencies improves your changes of successful weight loss. This amazing product also contains Quantum Essences of Platinum, Gold and Tourmaline to increase its impact on the energetic body. Bio Body Weight Loss Platinum formulation is ideal for those who have struggled with their weight for some time.

(A good choice for people of all ages and stages; those who wish to exercise and need to eat between 800-1000 calories or just follow the Bio Body Weight Loss program for other formulations.) 

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