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With You for nearly 20 years

With almost 20 years experience helping people to lose weight and keep it off, Bio Body Ideal Weight offers personalised homeopathic formulations to perfectly fit your individual weight loss profile. And we guarantee they work.

Our specialised programmes designed to help you align your weight (which you can combine with optional daily programme support) means you'll lose weight, get off the weight loss treadmill and stay Lean for Life.

So much of our success comes from word of mouth through delighted customers, some of whom reach lower weights than they have in their entire adult lives.

If you are ready to transform your weight for good, our Bio Body Ideal Weight Advanced Coaching Programme (with homeopathic weight alignment support) provides you with daily coaching support to completely change your weight alignment landscape and never go back to the behaviours and habits that have kept you overweight or losing and gaining the same weight for the past few years. For more information about the Advanced Coaching Programme, click HERE.

Join us for one of our homeopathic programmes, and choose optional daily WhatsApp support to give you accountability to enable you to stick with your weight loss and achieve your health and wellness goals. Release up to 7kg - Release between 7-12kg - Release up to 15kg

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Bio Body Homeopathics has been working with people just like you who want a long-term solution to weight loss. We've got lots of experience behind us and have helped 10s of thousands of people align with their health and wellbeing weight loss goals. We formulate our own HCG right here in New Zealand so can attest to its quality, authenticity and effectiveness.

Please get in touch if you've got any questions. We look forward to working with you.


Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, NZ