Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin


Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin

*Manages appetite & cravings * Balances fat storage

About the innovation:

Carb Craver +Plus Leptin Contains 13 homeopathics, minerals, amino acids and adaptogenic ingredients, used in Ayurvedic & complementary medicine, to manage appetite, ease cravings and balance how the body stores fat. The Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin is taken after dieting or during times of over indulgence. 

It was developed for use during the Consolidation and Maintenance phases of the Bio Body Ideal Weight NZ weight alignment programmes; and is used for one full course (minimum 2 weeks) after low calorie eating to replenish the body's Leptin, which is depleted below optimum levels during dieting.

Leptin is a protein hormone that instructs the body how to store fat. When it is not present in the body in sufficient amounts, its role alongside insulin and amylin is disrupted, making it more likely that the body will store fat and experience cravings.

The physiological effect of low Leptin levels is why many dieters report feeling ravenous, experiencing cravings, getting caught up in yoyo dieting and ultimately ending up fatter than they were before.

It’s unique:

Bio Body Ideal Weight NZ Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin is a unique homeopathic innovation to help individuals maintain the weight they are most comfortable with, plus encourage them towards being leaner and healthier.

Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin is a unique formulation of homeopathic Leptin, plus 12 other homeopathic herbs and minerals that support the body in maintaining a healthy weight.

Instructions for use:

Tap bottle on palm 10 times before using. Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin is taken 15 minutes before meals, three times a day upon rising, before lunch and again before dinner. Use 2-3 sprays each supplementation.

Managing weight between programs:

Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin
is taken after you’ve completed a weight loss program AND/OR:

For untypical eating/large meals - supplementation: Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin can be taken by clients when they are on holiday, during periods of untypical eating/large meals to balance fat storage and prevent weight gain. In this situation, clients would take it as instructed on the bottle: 3 times a day, before meals on the day, and the day after, any untypical eating/large meal.

(If alcohol is consumed, or the meal is high in fat, then the Bio Body Ideal Weight NZ SOS Social Pack is also recommended in combination with the Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin to negate possible weight gain.) 

After low calorie program – supplementation:

Carb Craver +PLUS Leptin is taken for a full course - a minimum of two weeks - once you have completed the calorie controlled section of your weight alignment programme.

If you need to do complete another Bio Body Ideal Weight NZ programme then you would take it again at the end of that programme – similarly for a minimum 2 weeks. Otherwise, for most individuals, one course is sufficient to stabilise your weight and replenish Leptin levels, which determine fat storage.