Ideal Weight *5-Star -10-day Weight Loss Detox

Ideal Weight *5-Star -10-day Weight Loss Detox
The ultimate weight loss program that supports you to finally lose weight and keep it off for good. The Ideal Weight Coaching Matrix© combines the latest in NEW weight loss homeopathics, innovative coaching in neuro-slimming, coupled with the latest behavioural support to create lasting weight loss. PLUS enjoy being part of an elite group who receive daily group support and encouragement, while receiving extra insights and expert coaching. The program is guaranteed to work or your money back!
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Our unique, simple and fully supported Ideal Weight Coaching Matrix includes:

A 10-day VLCD weight loss detox (3 X unique homeopathics, full instructions, recipes and menu plans), PLUS 28-Days of specialised weight loss coaching support.

A discounted one-on-one SKYPE transpersonal session to explore and change negative or stressful beliefs around food and your body - freeing you to enjoy food and release any negative body image issues that are holding you back from achieving your weight alignment.

You also get to choose one of our unique Diet Support Formulas (DSFs) - your choice of RELAX, RESIST or RESOLVE to make sticking with the program easier to help you deal with emotional eating, anxiety or food cravings. (Please SELECT one from the drop down list when you order this program.) Each of our three specially formulated homeopathic DSFs can help make ongoing choices around the food you eat, easier and simpler. They help keep you on track as you continue to eat in ways that nourish you on all levels.

RESIST: If you crave certain salty or sweet foods.

RELAX: If you feel anxious when dieting or have underlying anxiety in your life.

RESOLVE: If you eat in response to emotional or physical triggers.

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