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Bio Body HCG Diet

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Bio Body HCG Diet Weight Loss products are New Zealand made homeopathics for fast and effective, VLCD weight loss. Four different HCG formulas available - because with weight loss 'one size doesn't fit all' - so you can choose the formula that best fits your personal weight loss profile.


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Additional homeopathics used by practitioners working with their clients and utilising the Bio Body Weight Loss range.
  • Bio-Syn Renewal Nrf2 Synergiser - 3 month supply
    A potent combination of 5 anti-aging, anti-inflammatory herbs. Ideal for use alongside the Bio Body Weight Loss range. Particularly good for liver support and to assist with the elimination of toxins. (3 months supply)
    NZ$ 34.39
    NZ$ 29.90 excl GST
  • There is an additional charge for non-standard products that require individual formulation. This is charged at $7.50 per bottle.
    NZ$ 7.50
    NZ$ 6.52 excl GST