SPRING Specials

SPRING has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where my waistline is!


  • Curb Your Cravings... make dieting easy.
    Often there are strong physical or emotional reasons that we struggle to stick with a diet. Even with the best of intentions, sugar can call our name or we can stress eat when our buttons are pushed by friends or family members. And as if dieting wasn't hard enough, unless we address those other challenges while we're dieting, we can unintentionally self-sabotage and fail. Having helped dieters lose weight and keep it off successfully for the past 15 years, Bio Body has developed 10 unique Diet Support Formulas that tackle everything from curbing cravings to helping with stress associated within relationships. Addressing those challenges makes it easier to stick with your diet and achieve the results you want to see on your scales. There are 10 different formulas to choose from, PLUS you can combine two at no extra cost - just indicate your selection in the 'additional comments' section during checkout.
    NZ$ 45.90
    NZ$ 39.91 excl GST