40-Day Bio Body Ideal Weight alignment programme

HCG Diet New Zealand drops pilules spray 40 Day Bio Body Alignment Weight Loss
The 40-Day Extended Bio Body Ideal Weight alignment programme - single formula options - choose from 3 different formulations.
  • Protocol Bio Body (60ml - 40-Day supply)
    Our base formulation that suits most people. Best option for active people under 40.
    NZ$ 205.00 60ml
    NZ$ 178.26 excl GST
  • Premium Bio Body (60ml - 40 day supply)
    Suitable for all ages, but particularly good for those who are over 40, long term dieters, or those who recognise they are emotional eaters.
    NZ$ 235.00
    NZ$ 204.35 excl GST
  • Platinum 40-Day Supply (60ml - 40 day supply)
    The broadest potency weight loss homeopathic available anywhere in the world. Designed for people of all ages. Gives more flexibility for those who wish to exercise while on the programme.
    NZ$ 245.00 1X50
    NZ$ 213.04 excl GST