26-Day Bio Body Ideal Weight alignment programme

HCG Diet New Zealand drops pilules spray 26 Day Bio Body Alignment Weight Loss
The 26-Day Bio Body Ideal Weight programme is ideal for you if: You want to be about 7-12kg lighter and leaner; You'll stick with a longer program if you get good weight loss results; You might have more weight to lose but want to start somewhere; Your favourite clothing is hidden at the back of your wardrobe; You know that NOW is the time to do something that works.
  • Bio Body Protocol (30ml - 26-Day supply)
    Bio Body Protocol - Under 40s
    Our Bio Body Weight Loss Protocol (3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 60) - available in spray - is our base formulation used as the basis of our other formulations, plus includes Quantum homeopathic rates to increase its effectiveness for weight loss and associated body detoxification.
    (Choose this as your starting point if unsure what to try. It will still deliver better results that other generic brands.)
    NZ$ 105.00
    NZ$ 91.30 excl GST
  • ProPLUS+ Bio Body (30ml - 26-Day supply)
    Suitable for all ages, but particularly good for those who are inactive or recognise they have a slow metabolism or thyroid condition.
    NZ$ 135.50
    NZ$ 117.83 excl GST
  • Premium Bio Body (30ml - 26-Day supply)
    Suitable for all ages, but particularly good for those who are over 40, long term dieters, or those who recognise they are emotional eaters.
    NZ$ 172.00
    NZ$ 149.56 excl GST
  • Platinum Bio Body (30ml - 26-Day supply)
    The broadest potency range HCG available anywhere in the world. Designed for people of all ages. Gives more flexibility for those who wish to exercise while on the programme.
    NZ$ 194.50
    NZ$ 169.13 excl GST
  • Carb-Craver +PLUS Leptin
    Suitable for use during times of untypical eating or at the completion of any low calorie weight loss program. Contains 13 homeopathics, minerals, amino acids and adaptogenic ingredients, used in Ayurvedic & complementary medicine, to manage appetite, ease cravings and balance how the body stores fat.
    NZ$ 54.50
    NZ$ 47.39 excl GST