Platinum HCG Body Creme

Bio Body Platinum Body Crème

Instructions for use: Bio Body Platinum HCG Body Crème is for use during Phase 1 Weight Loss and should not be used at any other time. Apply 2-3 pumps directly onto your skin in target areas, and rub in, allowing the crème to absorb and dry. Apply at least once daily, or morning and evening. Wash hands after use.

About the innovation: Platinum HCG Body Crème is a dynamic new innovation in weight loss that has been developed to enable clients to target hard to shift fat trouble spots - on thighs, belly, arms, legs and derriere.
Think of it as putting a big ‘X’ marks the spot on the parts of your body that are carrying the extra weight, and asking for the fat (via calories) to be targeted in those areas.

How it’s utilised: Designed for use in conjunction with one of our Bio Body HCG Diet Success Weight Loss programs, Platinum HCG Body Crème contains a broad potency HCG – 3x-300x, plus additional ingredients to assist with the release of fat and toxins, including Quantum essences of Platinum, Gold and Tourmaline.
Bio Body HCG is dynamic in its ability to get the body to release fat to make up for a calorie shortfall; and through delivering HCG via our Platinum Body Crème to those problem areas, you’re able to instruct your body where to take the fat from. This in turn helps sculpt your body while you simultaneously lose weight on the program. Moving you towards a new body confidence through a leaner, healthier physique.

Its unique: Bio Body Weight Loss HCG Diet New Zealand Platinum is our latest innovation in HCG boasting one of the broadest range of HCG potencies anywhere in the world! Its successful incorporation into a body crème gives dieters a greater chance to achieve what they want – a leaner, sculpted body.