Breakfast options on the Bio Body Weight Loss Program

Breakfast options on the Bio Body Weight Loss Program


Hello, Just reading throught the information on your website ... is it correct that you don't have any breakfast - only a coffee?? Thank you.


The menu is set up for two meals, but many of our clients split those individual meals into half and eat four meals during the course of the day. Additionally, we find that those who don’t like a breakfast thrive, or those that do need breakfast, enjoy half of last night’s dinner for breakfast and/or slice and stew an apple (one of their fruit portions) with a little water, cinnamon (good for insulin sensitivity) and a pinch of stevia (if they need the sweetness). There is flexibility around how the total days calories are consumed with the mainstay of the program being two meat portions, two fruit portions and the balance of calories made up of allowable salads and veggies.

Some clients who have higher physical demands also often add in another protein portion (3 per day instead of two) for breakfast, often doing something like poached egg on a bed of spinach (or similar).

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