Easter is a time for change

We've got lots of clients ready to start their loading/gorging during Easter and tackling a new round of HCG after the chocolate and Easter Bun excesses of the season. Plus many are gearing up with our new Platinum HCG Body Creme to help target and release fat directly from trouble areas.

For those of you who haven't yet acted on your New Year resolution to get slimmer for 2013, then now is a great time to get out your skinny jeans and gather momentum to complete another round. Use Easter to load and then enjoy being 6kg+ lighter after completing one of our programs.

Platinum Fat Targeting Body Creme

You can do that while taking advantage of some wonderful new specials that we're currently running, including our *BRAND NEW Platinum HCG Body Creme for $55.95.

Use our Bio Body Weight Loss Platinum Body Crème to target and release problem fat areas on hips, thighs, bottoms, legs and arms. Containing all natural ingredients, but no fats, our Platinum Body Crème (which has been in development for the past 18 months) turbo charges your weight loss, by introducing HCG directly onto the fat areas you want gone. Use at the same time you’re on the Bio Body Weight Loss program and you’ll shift inches as well as pounds.

We've also running a limited edition combination special where you can purchase a 23-day supply of our world class Platinum HCG pilules, plus the new Fat Targeting Platinum HCG Body Creme for only $145 - saving $75. This special will only run for another couple of weeks, so take advantage of it NOW.

We've also launched our *BRAND NEW Bio-Syn Renewal Anti-Aging Creme and companion homeopathics, and are running specials on both bought in combination. Huge savings on both, so check out our Monthly Specials page for more information and pricing.

Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory - potent combination of five organic herbs, sourced from throughout the world to produce a unique formulation proven to slow the ageing of cells due to damage by free radicals. Suitable for use while on any of the Bio Body programs.

When potently combined, extensive research shows these five herbs increase and improve your body's ability to manage free radical damage by up to 60%. This has the potential to significantly reduce inflammatory conditions that cause the body to age. We know you'll love it.

**Premium Special**

For March, we're also discounting our most popular Bio Body Premium HCG 30ml. Priced at $154.50 - you save $20.

Change in descriptions

To bring our Bio Body programs into line with our other range of homeopathics, we've changed the description for the plans to reflect the total time on the weight loss phase, including the gorging/loading days.

Our 10-Day is Now 13-Day; our 23-Day Now 26-Day; and our 40-Day remains our 40-Day.

Support yourself - with just a 13-Day commitment

Make this year, the year you reach your goal weight and stay there! Time to free yourself from yoyo dieting and give youself the energy and vitality you know is your birthright.

For those who love the ease of our 13-Day program, we're once again extended our SPECIAL on our 13-Day Protocol option. So join us and lose 6kg from as little as $135*. (This is for the Protocol HCG formulation option - a 15ml Bio-Body Protocol HCG; 15ml Boost and 15ml Reinforce.)

100s of clients (both new and old) took up the 13-Day Fast Track challenge at the end of 2012 and the emails continue to pour in about their successes and determination for this year. Many now face only one final 10-day round before they'll be at their ideal weight.

Our 13-Day program is perfect for those who prefer an easier, shorter program, or when they want to tackle their overall weight loss goal in shorter blocks. You'll love the flexibility of relatively normal eating between rounds and find the 10-day program a breeze to follow as you readily and easily achieve quick, safe and effective weight loss.

Give our World Class Bio Body programs a go - your waistline will thank you for it!

How's the year going?

Everytime I look at the calendar I realise how quickly this year is flying by. I'm sure March isn't supposed to be almost over already?

This year, I've promised myself to lose the last bit of weight that I've been carrying round - probably the same 10kg that has plagued me since I was in my late 20s.

But how do you get to the bottom of that? Weight is physical, but it also has some emotional causes as well. I've had some interesting personal revelations along those lines, and feel better able to commit to another round of HCG, knowing that I've turned a corner emotionally, and am finally ready to release the last few kgs that represent my "mask" to the world. I'm ready to present myself as I know I truly am; and she is a whole lot lighter, faster and stronger than she currently presents.

As part of that process, we'll be running support programs via our Facebook page. Starting the first Monday of every month, with whoever would like to join us. This enables you to complete a round with me, and share your own stories and help others. Email me for more information.

If you think you're ready to tackle the last of your weight, and make it a permanent change, then join us. You can follow this LINK and then click through on the Facebook icon in the top left hand corner of the home page.

For those of you who prefer to remain private about their weight loss journey, I'm still only an email or phonecall away to support you during the process. And am always happy to help you achieve your goals.

See you there.



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