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Carb Craver Support Carb Craver Support
A Leptin based product, designed to ease cravings and manage appetite. For use between Bio Body Weight Alignment Programs or at any time when you know that you will be eating untypically and run the risk of putting on weight – i.e. holidays or special events. Can also be used alongside any calorie controlled program to support your body. Contains 13 homeopathics, minerals, amino acids and adaptogenic ingredients used in both Ayurvedic and complementary approaches to support your weight alignment journey. Ingredients: Leptin; Prickly Ash, Stillingia Root, Rhodiola, Chickweed, Fennel, Nettle, Kali Phos (6X); Calc Fluor (6X); Calc Phos (6X); L-carnitine; Glutamine, Tyrosine; Demineralised Water, Ethyl Alcohol 0.3% by volume. (60ml bottle shown)
Bio-Syn Body Renewal (Nrf2 Synergiser) Bio-Syn Body Renewal (Nrf2 Synergiser)
Look better. Feel better. Move more freely. Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory - potent homeoopathic combination of five organic herbs, sourced from throughout the world to produce a unique formulation to slow the ageing of cells.
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