Platinum Bio Body (13-Day program)

Platinum Bio Body (13-Day program)
The broadest potency Bio Body. Designed for people of all ages. Gives more flexibility for those who wish to exercise while on the program. The NEW 13-Day program is unique to Bio Body and is offered as a 2 product option. Bio Body SLIM 20ml and REINFORCE 20ml. We've combined our unique homeopathics into two formulas instead but for those who love our BOOST - taken with water - select it from the dropdown menu at checkout.
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Fast track your weight loss. Our Bio Body Weight Loss HCG Diet New Zealand's 13-day program enables clients to work with our unique formulations to achieve quick, safe and long term weight loss. Includes Platinum Bio-Body HCG 10-day supply; Boost 15ml; Reinforce 15ml.
Our Bio Body Weight Loss HCG Diet New Zealand Platinum is our latest innovation in HCG boasting 3x-300x potencies of HCG - the broadest range of HCG potencies anywhere in the world! The broader range of potencies improves your chances of successful weight loss. This amazing product also contains Quantum Essences of Platinum and Gold to increase its impact on the energetic body, Platinum is ideal for those who have struggled with their weight for some time.

  • Protocol Bio Body (13-Day program)
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  • ProPLUS+ Bio Body (13-Day program)
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  • Premium Bio Body (13-Day program)
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  • Individual Top Up bottles for 13-Day program
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