Fresh and nutritious Bio Body ready meals on their way...

The meals are currently in development and being tested by an eager bunch of Bio Body program dieters. We expect them to be available for purchase alongside your Bio Body formulas by the end of October 2020, so watch this space.

We're playing with ideas around how to get the meals to you so they are convenient and easy to prepare/cook. And all the veggies and salads are seasonal, fresh and organic.

Our chef is playing with taste to make sure that your pallette will be fully satisfied, while you enjoy the added advantage of shedding those unwanted kilos and give your body a healthy rest from the comfort foods we've clung to during winter.

Spring has definitely sprung, and by way of thanking our existing customers, we'll be offering some early Bio Body meal-deal specials. Thanks for your continued support during 2020. We look forward to continuing to take care of you this summer and into 2021.

Posted: Monday 14 September 2020