Eyes very 'clear' or 'twinkly' - sometimes blurred vision while on the detox?

Eyes very 'clear' or 'twinkly' - sometimes blurred vision while on the detox?

Question: I've noticed that my eyes are a lot brighter and my skin clearer since being on the detox. Is there a reason?

Answer: Brighter eyes, and clearer skin are often some of the positive side effects of the Bio Body weight loss detox process, and I'll share why. The front part of the eye is filled with a clear fluid called intraocular fluid or aqueous humor and it replenishes every few hours (basically because our eyes are so important and need to be kept in tip top condition) so any irritations have to be dealt with quickly so we can get on with our day. When we detox and eat cleanly, that process is easier and that frequently replenished fluid is replaced with a 'cleaner' liquid. Some clients initially experience slightly blurred eyesight, which then improves, or doesn't improve till they're off the program - again this is all part of our systems getting 'cleaner' and can be considered quite a normal part of the process. And the same applies for our skin. While it doesn't replenish itself every few hours, within a few days of clean eating you'll certainly notice an improvement. This is because of the lymphatic support homeopathics that are included within each unique Bio Body formula.

Some clients also report having slightly blurred vision at the start of the program, or periodically throughout the program. This too is part of the detox process, and unless it causes you undue concern, or you are currently under the specialised care of an optometrist, then it can be considered a relatively normal part of the detox process. Please remember though, that you are your own best advocate, and if you experience any problems outside of normal for you, you should seek specialised health care advice.

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