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The Bio Body Team

Hi Leigh
Thank you for your email.  I love the new look.. I have successfully been able to stick to the diet... but not only that.....

I did the 10 day plan in April , and got down to 68Kg, which was amazing...now I'm just by sticking to the plan - diet, exercise (Walking two dogs, and swimming) and being positive, I am down to 64Kg.. I have stablized there and am very happy at this weight, I feel like the old me is back on track.

At our local bakery, they are happy to make me a small salad for $2.50 at lunch time as I work in the office part time, they have also commented on the changes for the positive. Most people have. I have stuck to the meals, small and tasty, with a few changes.  I have acquired a taste for asparagus and prawns, and chilly powder sssstttttrrrrawberrrrries, they taste so good when thats all you can have..... What a combination - some say,  BUT its tasty....

I will not be doing another plan unless GREED gets the better of me...but I will look at the website occasionally to see if I need to buy anything.  Having said that, I will propably purchase the face oil and magnesium next month...

Thank you.

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