Lost 8kg each, doing well with keeping weight off

Dear Leigh, C. and W. checking in...

We are doing well on the maintenance weeks...and going slowly on reintroduction of foods... waiting on our blood test results (fats and sugars)... we lost about 8kg each on the 23 day bio body.. and maintaining.. I did loose 1kg this week also..and am doing toning work at the women's gym.
On August 24th we will complete this cycle and once again would like your advise.. we are leaning towards another 13 day round - the 26 day certainly was like a good cleanse and resetting of new habits.
We look forward to knowing what you think..as we would like to begin the third round on Aug 25th.
We also have a friend nearby who is glowing after 7.5kg loss on the 10 day plan so we are all supporting each other .
Thank you so much W. and C.

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