A very happy customer

Hi Leigh

I am just letting you know I am a very happy customer. I am now on the maintenance  phase of the 26 day regime. I have lost 8kg and 32cm from places that matter to me.  I have 4kg to lose I reckon to reach those stickler fat deposits that have been around for years.

I am planning how best and when to do this and wonder if you would advise me as to which programme I should complete.  (13 day or 26day?) Also is it recommended that I go straight into phase 1 at completion of maintenance or have a break.? ......
I look forward to hearing from you.
(My response to Rose: Good Morning Rose, We've been working on an HCG wrap product specifically for targeting problem areas; and we're probably about six weeks away from having it commercially available. It is absolutely amazing for doing in conjunction with the 10-day plan - which is all you'd need because you're so close to your target weight - and it targets the problem areas, giving the HCG further instructions about where you want it to go to work on your body. Mark in your diary to get back in touch with me in a couple of weeks time and I can always make up a pack for you even if we haven't got it ready commercially. Kind Regards, Leigh.)

We're currently using it in two forms - one using a clay - which is a bit messy and will probably be available in spas; and the other which is a spray on, and you would wrap it in tinfoil or strips of the same stuff that is used in emergency blankets.

If you can hold off for a couple for a month; at the very least, even if we don't have it commercially, I should be able to make up a pack for you - so mark me in your diary and get in touch to remind me. 

I'd recommend holding off till you're ready to do the 10-day plan - starting in Spring is good.

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