Love feeling slim and fitting my clothes - lost 12.8kg

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The Bio Body Team

Hi Leigh

I have now completed my first round of HGC.  This is day 44 today.  I have lost a total of 12.8 kgs and although it has been slow going with many ups and downs and stalls, I am happy with many things.  Firstly with myself and the fact that I stuck with it, without falling off the wagon and I got the best result for myself for the best effort, so I am really pleased with my many successes.  I have learnt many things about my eating which has bought about some thought provoking stuff, so it has been a psychological journey for me as well.  I did my first EFT session on Saturday with a woman who is training and I will continue to see her as long as I need to.  I love the fact that I can use them freely now for the emotions I attach to food.
I guess the biggest pleasure is the fact that I am fitting my clothes that I have not worn now for at least 6 or 7 years.  Putting them on gives me so much satisfaction.  I look much slimmer and feel slimmer.  Many people have noticed and I feel really good about that.  In fact I wonder if I have lost more inches than weight.  Is that possible on this plan?  I know I do that when I'm going to the gym, probably because I'm building muscle.  That's another thing too, I can't wait to get back to the gym.
Thank you so much for this product.  It has given me a real boost of enthusiasm for continuing on with my weight loss, getting and feeling healthier is now a real acheiveable goal  that I feel is within my reach.  I do want to lose another 10 kg.  Currently I weigh in at 91.8 and I plan to do a 2nd round the beginning of 2013.  However I would like to think I could also lose more before that, through exercise and healthy eating.  Your thoughts, as I know this last process helps you to maintain weight, so you don't fluctuate more than 2kgs than your finishing weight.
Look forward to your response.


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