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Bio Body Weight Loss New Zealand

Bio Body Weight Loss homeopathic products. Safe, effective weight loss and diet support homeopathics that are formulated in New Zealand. Bio Body guarantees the use of our weight loss products, offering our trusted homeopathics in spray, drops and pilules.

Programs available:

13-Day Fast Track is ideal for those who want to align their weight by about 6kg; or those where a busy lifestyle means commiting to a weight alignment journey during a shorter interval works better for them. (Our world first 13-Day Fast Track program is gaining international recognition and is currently sold in New Zealand, Fiji, Solomons, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, the UK, and USA.)

26-Day Original is ideal for those who want to align their weight by about 9kg, or for those who have struggled with other programs, particularly with regards to adopting a food and exercise regime that enables to them to maintain their new healthy weight.

40-Day Extended is a good option for those who want to align their weight by 15kg or more. This is also a good option for men.

For more information about Bio Body Weight Loss products and programs, please email:

Higher body fat percentages

Higher body fat percentages are associated with a raft of negative health conditions, and even a simple reduction in body weight by 10% has signfiicant positive flow on effects for your health and wellbeing.

Bio Body Weight Loss products are a range of world class New Zealand formulated homeopathic products to support and help you align your weight with your own individual health and wellbeing goals, and have been used successfully by New Zealanders since 2009.  In that time our products have gained a reputation for their quality, safety and efficacy; and we now supply many homeopathic practitioners, health professionals and nutritionists nationally, and a growing number internationally.

No weight loss programs offer a quick fix, but at Bio Body Weight Loss we offer a selection of products that support you while you align your weight within a healthy range for your age and personal profile. That makes tailoring an approach that fits your own needs, calendar and lifestyle much easier.  Bio Body offers three programs and five different weight loss formulations, a full range of support products, PLUS comprehensive online, email and phone support.


We have an in-house coach, Tony Walker, who has more than 26 years experience coaching individuals to reach their goals through greater understanding of what drives them and what stops them from being who they want to be - physically, emotionally, professionally and personally.

Tony is available face-to-face for Hawke's Bay residents, or via SKYPE or phone. Contact him on 021 797 237 or (06) 8770002. SKYPE - tony.walker3

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