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HCG Diet & Specialised Homeopathics

Your Weight Loss Solution - Finally. Something that works

New Zealand HCG Weight Loss provides individual weight loss homeopathics, incorporating the HCG Diet and Leptin, plus vitamins, minerals and herbs that maximise weight loss results. We also provide specialised Diet Support Formulas for use alongside your HCG Diet. So whether you crave salty or sweet foods, feel fatigued when dieting, suffer from constant hunger pains, or eat in response to emotional triggers, one of the specially formulated Bio Body Homeopathic Diet Support Formulas will help make dieting easier, and ensure you reach and remain your Ideal Weight.

Your program options:

13-Day Fast Track is ideal for you if:

You want to be about 6kg lighter and leaner
 You are busy socially and want quick results in a narrow timeframe
 You've a special event and want to have lost the weight "yesterday"
 Your favourite item of clothing feels too tight
 Your Ideal Weight is a few kgs "shy" of what the scales say

26-Day Original is ideal for you if:

 You want to be about 9-12kg lighter and leaner
 You'll stick with a longer program if you get good weight loss results
♡ You might have more weight to lose but want to start somewhere
Your favourite clothing is hidden at the back of your wardrobe
You know that NOW is the time to do something that works

For more information about how you can enjoy lifetime weight loss success and reach and remain your Ideal Weight with our unique Bio Body New Zealand formulated HCG and specialised Weight Loss homeopathics, please email:

Why being leaner is so good for you:

Higher body fat percentages are associated with a raft of negative health conditions, and even a simple reduction in body weight by 10% has signfiicant positive flow on effects for your health and wellbeing.

Bio Body works with you to help and support you achieve your Weight Loss and health and wellness goals using our world class New Zealand formulated homeopathic products that have been used successfully by New Zealanders since 2009.  In that time, Bio Body's reputation for helping our clients reach and remain at their Ideal Weight has grown. We now supply many homeopathic practitioners, health professionals and nutritionists nationally, and a growing number internationally.

No weight loss programs offer a quick fix, but at Bio Body Weight Loss we offer a selection of homeopathic products that support you while you align your weight within a healthy range for your age and personal profile. That makes tailoring an approach that fits your own needs, calendar and lifestyle much easier.  Bio Body offers different programs and weight loss formulations, a full range of support products, PLUS comprehensive customer support. We do the hard work so it makes your weight loss journey easier.

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